Riding Lessons

Fairhope Stables offers riding lessons that are safe and lots of fun! Lessons are available for all riding levels and ages. Fairhope Stables offers a wide range of horses for lessons. Our riding lesson academy horses are appropriate for beginners through advanced riders.

First Lesson.jpg

First Lesson

Arriving at the barn for your first riding lesson is so exciting! The first lesson may make you a bit nervous, too. Our instructors understand these things and have taught many first lessons. First-time students are strictly supervised. Our instructor stays by the rider’s side during the lesson. The horses used for first time lessons are carefully selected because of their patience and easy-going dispositions.

Returning Rider

Are you are ready to “get back in the saddle”? Whether you are an adult who rode as a child and finally have time to ride again or if you are a child returning to horseback riding, we want you to enjoy your experience. Frequently students mentally remember how to ride, but their bodies don’t keep up with their brain. We will support and motivate while you become reacquainted.

Experienced Rider.jpeg

Already Riding

We respect what a rider already knows about riding and want to further their success. As part of our responsibility as instructors, we will evaluate any new student’s riding level. We will discuss with them what their goals, concerns and what we observe. We always provide an instructional approach that will make an enjoyable transition to our program.